Miriam Abramov is a fluent English and Hebrew speaker residing in Israel with her husband in the family hometown just south of Tel Aviv.

After learning guitar during Israel covid lockdowns she continued on to take tutoring private lessons for beauty with an emphasis on hands and feet plus Basic upkeep for youthful healthy appearances and health nurtured by good sense. What matters most however is our inner beauty. Miriam has her Israel state license to perform beauty activities.

Miriam studied at Israel College of the Bible too, obtaining her BA in Bible. Soon she was pursuing a M.A. degree in Biblical Jewish studies on a scholarship with Wester Seminary Portland. She would fly there during summer to her Bible in person classes for 3 years. She cared for her mother at home for 2 years and learned the love for seniors and less able persons as elderly more at that time.

Miriam has been a helper with Yad Sarah for a few years providing free hand feet and nail care for free to the day care persons. Her love for her land Israel leads her to help victims of holocaust survivors, schools and refugees in Israel.

She realized Bible words give life and wants to share that beautiful Jewish heritage with her people. The Bible tells a story and so do her soaps, Biblical Soaps! Unique and assisting others for when you donate to the soaps you are helping Israel hear the promises of God for the nation and her people, Jew and gentile alike.

Your donation will place a soap gift to a local Israeli. The chosen people will receive also Biblical uplifting and truth words of the living God of Israel!

This donation covers our gas, wrappings, soap making and literature to print biblical materials for Israel in The language Hebrew of course. We also reach out to Russian, Ukrainian refugees and Ethiopians. God loves His land and people but so many are starving to hear that GOOD NEWS! So many are destitute and lonely and may just need a small encouragement our God is with them today.

Be a part of Israel today and what God is really doing here NOW TODAY with His blessings of promise. Your donation would mean a lot to our small place but effective. Please come visit us while here in Israel and make soap!

All Israel shall be bathed!