Shlomy and Miriam

It has been said that it is in their togetherness, the anointing resides, in the dynamic of witnessing to the indigenous Israelis, and internationally.

From 1999 to the present, they have both been the main speakers in many Church meetings and Universities, teaching the Hebraic roots of the faith to the Nations. Much focus is put on the Jewish Feasts, as they are fulfilled through Messiah.

Shlomy Abramov is a fourth - generation native born Israeli, who accepted his Messiah in 1992, in Israel. He served in the Israel Defense Force and later with the Israel Police Force.
He was the first Israeli born believer to graduate with a 4 year degree in Theology from Israel College of the Bible, Jerusalem. He is a sought out Body Guard, Bible Teacher, and an Israeli Pastor.

Miriam Abramov was born into a family of many generations of preachers. She holds a 4 year degree in Theology from Israel College of the Bible, and is presently studying for her Master's Degree in Jewish studies for the Gospel. She has been the guest of women's Middle East leadership meetings, and for 2 years led the Jerusalem national march for messianic Jews in Messianic tambourine and flag worship.

Zola Levitts Passover interview with Shlomy